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Backed by a team of sharp and innovative college students, we meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - we deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. TAMID SDSU gives its members long-lasting experience in the world of business.



After individual deliberation is done for each candidate, and applicants are accepted to TAMID Group, new members begin an 8-week education program. This course is designed to ensure that the newly joined members are prepared for involvement within the consulting group, and or investment team. Opposite to the usual standard of seated lecture halls and a professor’s lecture, new members are challenged with constructive workshops and competitions. This multifaceted curriculum allows for an early education in a variety of fields such as consulting, investing, and entrepreneurship.

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Consulting is one of the core foundations of TAMID, acting as an advisory board for Israeli start-up companies to thrive. We strive to utilize our position as college students in order to effectively assess and strengthen business strategies for various companies.

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Through the process of creating the portfolio, the entire project team will have access to all research and analysis made in every meeting. If any questions arise, this VP will have all information needed to provide for that individual. 

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Each summer, TAMID Board members are eligible to go on the TAMID Group Fellowship, which is a distinguished 8-week internship program in Tel Aviv, Israel.


TAMID provides a comprehensive and necessary hands-on supplement to an academic education.

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